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CAA—Entertainment and Performing Arts Forum

    American CAA, the world's largest sports and entertainment brokerage firm, stands for Creative Artists Agency in English, referred to as the CAA.
    Founded in 1975 in Los Angeles, it is one of Hollywood's three major brokerage firms, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Will Smith and other famous Hollywood stars are CAA-signed artists. In addition, star Beckham is one of the company's customers. CAA China signed entertainers including director An lee, John Woo, Wong kar-wai, actor Jackie Chan, Yu Nan and Li Xiaolu, etc.
    CAA owns nearly half of Hollywood artists, nearly two-thirds of the top stars, as well as top directors, producers, play writers, and singers and bands.  Nearly 50 percent of global box office income is from the films directed by the CAA directors. What’s more, its achievements left far behind the second and third companies in the fields of television, music and sports, etc. Especially in the field of music, CAA’s market share is two times to the total sum of brokerage firms from the second to the tenth in the U.S. The total value of the CAA economic contracts is $ 5.6 billion; total brokerage contract period is 966 years and up to $ 206 million commission.  It ranked first in the world's most valuable sports agency list in 2004.
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