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    Guided by the company's board of directors and President Office, we develop resources related to sports industry in an all-round way. By making O2O platform for sports culture and health,the largest sports marketing clusters, the largest grassroots sports cluster, we will work to realize company's Olympic dream, make Irena a best choice for most consumers on sports culture and sports health.
    We are committed to national stadium development activities Sports-related commercial development, the development of sports events and professional clubs to realize the positive and sustainable business growth.
    We are committed to building light-asset business model in sports industry, our modeling philosophy is "venue is the carrier, the content is the core, fans are the basis, the government is the environment, companies are the buyers, and the media is the promoter."
    We are committed to promoting "pre-facility operation" concept, in the beginning of the construction of the stadium project, we get involved in stadium design, project planning, design, construction and acceptance phase as a venue operator.
    We are committed to promoting the development of the national sport and industry and our service covers more than 40 major cities in the country .Currently we have established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Changsha, Xi'an, Haikou and other cities.

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