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     A. Hotel is an independent subsidiary brand of iREAN, whose name originates from the concept of Intimate, luxurious, quirky hotel in North America, at the same time keeps the appeal of the Japanese love hotel to build intimate experience with modern design, highly personalized service.
    A. Hotel is not independent hotel in the traditional sense. It is one of the important chain in iRENA ecology and a perfect combination of   Box and Club Lounge social hall.
    Currently A. Hotel has three brand Hotels ,respectively located at Workers Stadium in Beijing , Water Drop Stadium in Tianjin ,and He Long Stadium in Changsha. A. Hotel is not a simple copy of the brand, every relocation is an upgrade, the oversized double bathtub; the alarm clock on the bedside which can charge iphone; the projection TV directly installed on the roof; the brightness of the light automatically adjust to the guests’ route. Every change comes from the most subtle cultural demand to retain personality and surprise, at the same time ensure privacy and environmental protection. 
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