Changsha He Long Sports Centre
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    Changsha He Long Sports Centre is China's first national large-scale comprehensive sports venue named after a state leader. The center is located in Tianxin District and covers an area of 1000 mu, with FuRong Road to the east, Labor Road to the south, BaiSha Road to the west and ChengNan Road to the north. The transportation is convenient. It consists of  a large number of sports and cultural facilities such as He Long stadium, tennis clubs, shopping malls, large parking lot, sports hotel, Ferris wheel amusement center, football athletic field and the east plaza, south square, north square,  the torch tower,  with a total investment of 1.2 billion RMB. With innovative design, advanced facilities and complete functions, the center is a multi-functional sports center which combines sports competition, large-scale performances, exhibition, entertainment, fitness, tourism shopping as one. The center has introduced a corporate management mode and operates according to market demand and has passed IS09001: 2000 international quality system certification.
    Reconstruction Time: 1952 for the first time; 1960 second; third in 1985; in 2003 the fourth;
    Venue nature: a comprehensive track and field, football field
    Former name: Hunan Working People Stadium; Changsha City Stadium 
    Current Name: He Long Sports Center (He Long Stadium)
    In memory of General He Long (the first Minister of New China's Sports Ministry)
    Internal area: 24,000 square meters,
    Turf rating: natural turf football field,
    Stadium size: 105 meters long, 68 meters wide. 
    Runway data:  8 400-meter circular plastic tracks
    Ground floor flatness: the level difference is 3 mm or less, it meets the requirements in international competition
    Address: FuRong District, Changsha, Hunan Labor Road [1]
    Nearby attractions: Yuelu Academy, Orange Isle, Hunan Provincial Museum, ancient well of white sand
On October 8, 2003, reconstruction of Changsha He Long Stadium was completed. Changsha He Long Stadium is located in the northwest of New Century sports and cultural center, the main structure is a 8-storied framework (9 stories in some part), the building area covers 117586 square meters, the outer wall above 5 stories is the circular shear wall, roof elevation is 28.8 m at bottom, up to 33 meters, distributed in the shape of a ladder, the entire frame is made of 484 framework components. The main part of the whole outlook was decorated with the world's most popular glass curtain wall. He Long Stadium can accommodate 60,000 spectators; the steel roof construction covers an area of 45,700 square meters, built with 3,552 tons of steel. He Long Stadium has four doors and applies a cable-suspended glass-wall on the top of four doors, with large plate glass wall in four outlets. The VIP entrance applies framed glass-wall construction, supported by steel frame and composite aluminum to ensure that the performance meets the design requirements. He Long Stadium "Century Flower" design combines traditional culture with modern art. The roof symbolizes a blooming hibiscus flower with the meaning of applause and honor, and the north and south facades look like   "White crane spreads its wings" , a symbol of sports industry boom in Changsha, Hunan. The Stadium's shape was novel, romantic and full of majestic symbolism: The top was composed of  12 galvanized petal-shaped plates (12 means a time tunnel, reflecting the value of time and the pursuit of speed), reflecting the "blue sky" artistic beauty. Looking from east and west, it's like a curtain opening slowly, giving people a scene of bright stars and peaceful joy. The roof shapes like waves, seemed encouraging people to make people waves, fitting the theme of unity and vigorous, and reminds the visitors of the mother River Xiangjiang. Each petal-shaped steel connection intends to highlight the sense of space of the eaves and the guiding form, take note of the slight gradual transition between different zones, and further explore the possibility of expressing space curve and outline conveyed by ancient architecture with modern roof design.
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