Hongkou Football Stadium
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    Hongkou Football Stadium was built on the former site of Hongkou Stadium which has a 46-year glorious history. It's a multi-functional integrated sports venue. The whole football field covers an area of 5.6 hectares, with a total construction area of 72,557 square meters. It can accommodate 35,000 spectators and have 47 boxes, 3045 square meters for VIP, 11,840 square meters for development and operation. Hongkou Football Stadium not only can hold high-level domestic and international football matches, organize large-scale performing arts events, but also develop various sports and leisure venues for the public. Famous singers like Meng Tingwei, Jacky Cheung, Qi Qin, Richie, Jeff Chang, and Faye Wong successfully held concerts in previous years. There were also US-Japan jazz performances, National Day fireworks show, “Dance flying in China” , “06 Lianhua Jinmailang Night”, “Korean hot-air concert”, Sichuan Road Fun Festival and Float Parade and other large-scale cultural activities. All these activities saw good social response.
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