Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium
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    Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium  is located in southwest of Tianjin Olympic Center, covering an area of 34.5 hectares, the construction area reaches 158,000 square meters, with a total investment of 1.48 billion Yuan, started in August 2003. The design package was completed by the Japanese Sato, highlighting three concepts: "Green Olympics",  "Hi-tech Olympics" and " People’s Olympics" . It can meet the requirements of international football and track and field competition and has stores, exhibition halls, conference rooms, a fitness room and a number of auxiliary facilities, combining leisure, entertainment, fitness and shopping. At present, the Water Drop Stadium is located in Tianjin New Development Zone, with high-end residential neighborhood to the west and common residential area to the south. The surrounding area has attracted a large number of high-income groups, as well as a significant number of high-end residential and has strong strength of corporate presence, regional population quality, consumption on the increase. A higher level of customers, mostly government officials, business owners, senior executives, sports workers, etc. and a large number of expatriates buying and renting houses. And the periphery has formed the core of the AoCheng City of Times Square, covering 400 thousand people in 180 communities across the city. The commercial area is filled with regional supermarket, casual dining, home stores and other life supporting project.
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