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You know that feeling… you’ve just had lunch, it’s several hours since you got up and it’s even longer until you’ll get back into bed, but you could just do with a bit of shut eye.

Well, you may want to move to Ador in Valencia where the town’s mayor, Joan Faus Vitoria, has introduced nap time between 2pm and 5pm.

Although Spain is known for its siestas, it’s the first time that it’s been made official. Parents have been told to make sure their children are kept indoors and people are being asked not to make any unnecessary noise.

Senor Vitoria wanted to introduce the nap time so that farm workers can have a break during the hottest time of day for the town and expects employers to comply.

However, there’s no penalty for non-compliance, it’s just something he’d like people to adhere to in order to make the town a better place.

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