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Inspiring: Chinese Football Association

CFA picked up its second Inspiring Member Association of the Year Award ahead of Football Federation Australia and Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran. CFA previously won the award in 2013.

The association introduced several initiatives and paid special attention on technical programmes by conducting more than 260 training courses, involving 17,204 participants nationwide.

Among the projects was the Campus Football Programme which is the main pillar for the development of children’s football.

Other initiatives include Campus Football Tournaments, Level D training courses and the Enjoy the Game Tournament which helps promote and develop grassroots football through mass participation by fostering the role of leadership and organisation.

"We would like to thank the AFC for giving this important recognition to the Chinese grassroots development. Over the past several years, strong support from the Chinese Government have enabled us to launch many grassroots programmes. A lot of things have been done but we are determined to do more to expand football participation in our country," said Lin Xiao Hua, Senior Exco member of the Chinese FA .

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