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  • 2015

    iRENA became partner of NBA international series and the Asian Women's Volleyball Championship, an important step in international strategic development.

  • 2014

    The successful operation of "Who is the number one ", the public football tournament organized by window of sports, can be regarded as a sign of our overall layout : Top events (Team China) + Professional Club (Super CFL) +grassroots events, football has become the core business resource. At the same time, half of  the sports venues in China were included into our business and 26 cities established partnership with iRENA.

  • 2013

    Team China International Football Tournament-China VS Netherlands national team, was held in Beijing Workers' Stadium. IRENA began to engage in the CSL 16 club brands and event operations, including Beijing Guo’an and Tianjin Taida, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua and Hangzhou Greentown.

  • 2012

    After the selection of 7 home venues, iRENA window of Sports started to operate Team China events and won the first round of strategic capital investment from Dachen Capital. We started to copy iRENA mode quickly and expanded. The 3.0 mode starteded.

  • 2011

    IRENA window of sports officially became the partner of Team China and successfully operated two national events in Shenzhen. Meanwhile iRENA's layout across China began to emerge. Beijing, Tianjin, Texas, and Shanghai business gradually began to take shape. The 2.0 mode was complete.

  • 2010

    Dozens of fashion creative activities, such as Chinese design crossover night, Thailand Cultural Festival, "dark sun", European supermodel fashion show, Hello Kitty Black Castle were held in iRENA, which successfully achieved transition from a single stadium into an entertainment and fashion hotspot.

  • 2009

    IRENA and IMART jointed hands to launch the first Beijing international design week creative bazaar and at the same time, Tianjin IRENA saw its great opening.

  • 2008

    Beijing workers stadium finished its 2008 Olympic operation and started transition after the Olympics at the same time, iRENA national distribution began to take shape, Tianjin water drop iRENA started.

  • 2007

    In January, in order to welcome the 2008 Olympics, Beijing workers stadium began full adjustment to lay foundation for the operation mode in 2008 Olympic venues.

  • 2006

    In January, in order to welcome the 2008 Olympics, Beijing workers stadium began full adjustment to lay foundation for the operation mode in Olympic venues.

  • 2005

    Beijing Workers’ Stadium became another center of citizen’s night life.  "Stadium-Sanlitun" fashion cultural center appeared. IRENA window of sports finished commercial layout and the 1.0 mode was completed.

  • 2003

    iRENA‘s colorful world model began its trial operation around the Beijing Workers’ Stadium and bar industry began to emerge. Workers stadium cultural entertainment industry saw rapid development during this period.

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